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Services for Faculty

Audio/Visual (AV) Services

  • AV equipment is located in media closets in all campus buildings. Call (409) 882-3083 (ext. 3083) or (409) 882-3352 (ext. 3352) if required equipment is not available or is in need of service.
  • Data projector requests should be addressed to the Computer Center Help Desk in AC 101 or at (409) 882-3033. Use the Computer Center's online request form on the Support Services tab in Blackboard.
  • Media materials available for check-out (DVDs and CDs) are listed in the Library Catalog. At the opening screen click Advanced Search. Type your keyword in the search box and select DVD from the list in the Type box.  Or browse a List of Instructional DVDs, a PDF document arranged by major academic subjects. The list includes documentary and instructional DVDs only.

Library Instruction and Information Literacy

The ability to find, evaluate and use information is an important student learning outcome. Instructors are encouraged to create class assignments that help students master these skills. We invite you to collaborate with us in this effort.

  • Library instruction is available for your classes either in the library or in classrooms where instructional media is available. Schedule an instruction session as close as possible to an assignment's desired start date, and give the librarians a week advanced notice for updating instructional materials.
  • Members of the Library and Learning Center staff create online instruction guides called Help Guides, for specific courses, course assignments and "how to" guides for frequently asked questions. If you would like to suggest a Help Guide for your course or assignment, please call Mary McCoy (409) 882-3083 (ext. 3083).
  • To schedule class instruction use our form Instruction Request Form or call Mary McCoy.
  • For research help within the library, direct your students to visit the Reference Desk on the second floor, which is staffed by librarians throughout our operating hours. Library staff at the circulation desk on first floor are also trained to help students.
  • For distance students, we are available through the library via the "Ask a Question" form located on the Library home page under Research Help.

Inter-library Loan (ILL)

  • Borrow library materials not available at the Ron E. Lewis Library, through the Library's Inter-library Loan service (ILL).
  • The service is usually free, unless a source library charges a fee. We make every effort to avoid costs, and we notify users before any fees are charged.
  • Contact Kungwha Kim at (409) 882-3080 (ext. 3080) for more information or read our LibGuide entitled How to borrow from other libraries.
  • To make an ILL request, use our form: "Interlibrary Loan Form." The ILL form is on all of the Library Web pages, upper right column.


  • A collection of special use material is maintained in the reserve office on first floor.
  • Faculty are encouraged to request their course text books or other special reading or media materials for the reserve collection.
  • Request reserve status for specific Library-owned materials ahead of any class assignment that will require high usage of specific items during a limited time period.
  • Materials from your personal collection may also be placed on reserve.
  • To request a textbook to be place on reserve you may submit the following form: Textbook Reserve Form. You may also mail/e-mail these materials and requests to Aubrey Kapranos or call Aubrey at (409) 882-3953 (ext. 3953). Include any special instructions for their use, such as check-out time limits.
  • Copyright law requires that reserve materials be reviewed and updated annually.

Computers, Printers, Scanners, and Copiers

  • The Library provides up-to-date computers equipped with current MS Office software and other software for specific courses.
  • All computers are networked to a printer. 
  • Library printers are black and white only. A color printer is available at the Learning Center, across the foyer from the Library in room 113.
  • A scanner is available at a dedicated computer in the front lab of the library on first floor and also in the Learning Center. 
  • A photocopier is available next to the elevator on second floor. Copies are 10¢ per page and the copier accepts both coins and dollar bills. 

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Distance Learning and Blackboard

  • Help Guides: Library Guides for specific courses and course assignments. Please let us know if you need a guide created or edited for your course. Call Mary McCoy (409) 882-3083 (ext. 3083) if you would like to link to a specific guide in your course content.
  • Links to specific journal articles or media within databases: Persistent links (non-changing URLs) need their URLs edited to incorporate the campus authentication server (called ezproxy) for off-campus access. If you need help creating one of these links for your Blackboard course, please contact Sam Smith (409) 882-3084 (ext. 3084).
  • Add special library content within your courses: A librarian with "teaching assistant" status can work with an instructor to create special library content for your course. If you are interested, contact Sam Smith (409) 882-3084 (ext. 3084).
  • Sending print materials to distant students: If a distant student lives further than 30 miles away from campus and is unable to pick up materials in person, we can send materials to them if they will email us using our "Ask a question" form, located on the Library home page under Research Help.

Collection Development

Faculty are strongly encouraged to make requests for new library materials. Requests may be made online by using this form: New Materials Form. Contact Aubrey Kapranos or call (409) 882-3953 (ext. 3953) with any questions about library materials you may need. The following set of Web pages provide more information.

The Learning Center

  • The Learning Center is located in room 113 across the main foyer from the Library.
  • Tutoring is available for math, writing, and other subjects. Help is also available for revising and citing information in writing assignments, improving information technology skills and preparing for standardized tests.
  • Up-to-date computers have standard office application software plus additional course-related programs and tutorials.
  • Students wishing to use these resources must present a current LSC-O ID card and follow the Learning Center's procedures upon entering the Learning Center.
  • For more information call Tony Barrientos at (409) 882-3935 (ext. 3935) or e-mail The Learning Center.

Faculty Library Committee

  • The Library Committee acts as an advisory body to Mary McCoy, Director of Library Services, in such areas as collection development, library instruction, library utilization and programming. We need and appreciate your feedback to continuously improve our services.
  • Please use our Comments and Suggestions Form or call Mary McCoy, (409) 882-3083 with your ideas, suggestions, and comments. The entire staff looks forward to meeting you and providing services to you.