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Locating Books from Other Literary Sources

Orange Public Library Catalog-- LSCO students and staff may borrow books from our local city library by presenting current LSCO ID cards and applying for an account. The public library is located on 5th Street one block away from our campus, and has a good collection of popular fiction and non-fiction books.

WorldCat-- Search WorldCat to see what books and other items are located in other libraries. If you need an item, fill out an Inter-library Loan (ILL) Form, and we'll try to get it for you. WorldCat is a freely available resource on the Web. Learn more about ILL

Google Books-- Google Books has created one of the world's largest collection of eBooks with the cooperation of many major libraries worldwide. Many older books (those no longer under copyright) are fully available, along with older copies of magazines. If a book still falls under copyright, then smaller parts of the book may be available, such as the table of contents plus sample pages (called snippets) of the books.

Google Books provides links into WorldCat, when a book is available there, making all of the world's library holdings known to Google users. Click "Find this book in a library" and you are using WorldCat to see where a copy of a specific book is located. Our catalog holdings show up there, along with other libraries worldwide.