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How to Access eBooks While Off-Campus

Ebooks, short for "electronic books," are the full content of books made available on computers. Libraries subscribe to eBook collections in databases, and let users know about these eBooks by placing URL links into their library catalogs. While using the catalog on-campus, the links to eBooks are fully accessible. However, off-campus users must be screened first, by providing their username and password. It will be the same user name and password that you use to log into the on-campus computers (username@my.lsco.edu/password). In order to get this login, users need to go in through the eBook database link: eBooks on EBSCOhost

After clicking the database link, off-campus users are asked for their login. When the database opens, search as you would for items in the library catalog. Search by keyword throughout or the author or title keywords. View a tutorial on the eBook database.  

More about these eBooks:

  • Lamar University-Beaumont also buys access to eBooks in this database, and places links to them in their online catalog. So if you are using their library catalog, you may find some of their eBooks that are only licensed for use by their students.
  • EBook access is limited to one user at a time, for as long as the user is actively using the eBook. If the eBook is not being used, access to it goes away after 15 minutes, until the user logs in again.
  • The eBooks need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download, on the computer to load properly. 
  • These eBooks are not downloadable to a kindle or other eBook reader.

We have other eBook collection databases. Because of the non-permanent nature of titles in these collections, we have not added any of these titles to our catalog:

    • Stat!Ref-a collection of medical and nursing texts and reference books, many of which are required for the nursing program. 
    • Credo Reference-a collection of over 600 reference books on all subjects. The database searches and returns articles from these books.
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library-a collection of many reference books on most subjects.
    • See more eBook-type databases on this page: EBooks and reference databases