Part 1- What is a library database?


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1. Library databases search collections of similar types of information. What is the most common type of information in library databases?
    a.Web pages from the free Web
    c.Articles from print magazines, newspapers and journals


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Under what circumstance would you be best served by searching a library database rather than the free Web?
    a.You are looking for up-to-the-minute news developments.
    b.You are looking for newspaper articles about something from that happened ten years ago.
    c.You are looking for reviews of local area restaurants.
    d.You are looking for the quick definition of a word you just read on a Web page.


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Which of the following is TRUE?
    a.The information in library databases is free. No one has to pay for these subscriptions.
    b.All of the information in library databases can be found by using a search engine such as Google.
    c.The information in library databases has been reviewed by subject experts or by professional editors.
    d.Someone must be in the library to access the library databases.


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What are the TWO types of result listings that you can expect to find in library databases?
    a.Citations to articles without any full-text available and citations with the full article available.
    b.PDF full-text and HTML full-text
    c.Citations with the abstract (or summary) of an article.
    d.Articles in the databases are ALL full-text.


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